Dentures are appliances used to replace teeth and are removable. If you have lost your teeth due to tooth decay, gum diseases, or injuries, dentures can be a good alternative to replace them. The missing teeth can give a shallow appearance to your face making you look older. Modern dentures are very comfortable to wear and easy to maintain. The dentures can replace a full set of teeth or only a few missing teeth. They can be customized to suit a patient's requirements and are useful in the restoration of your smile.

How are the Dentures made?

The complete process of dentures can take a few months and several appointments with the dentist. The dentures' selection is the first step, where it is decided on what type of dentures will meet your dental requirements. A series of impressions of your jawbone is taken. The dentist will use wax blocks to establish a proper bite and orientation of your teeth. The impressions and wax blocks are sent to a dental lab to make the dentures. This might take a few days before the dentures are fabricated and returned to the dentist.

Once the dentures are ready, the patient will be called to try the dentures. They will be checked for fit, function, and aesthetics, and if necessary, any minor changes can be carried out at this stage. After everything is checked and decided, the dentures are sent back to the lab for final casting. This step may take another few days.

The last step involves the dentures' final fitting after the necessary alterations have been done in the lab. The dentist will make any last-minute adjustments if required before they are fitted.

What are the Types of Dentures?

  • Complete Dentures: They help replace an entire set of missing teeth. They are custom-made to meet a patient's dental requirements. These dentures will restore the shape, color, and natural appearance of the teeth. They enable you to grind, chew and eat your food normally, though not with the same force as the natural teeth. These dentures can be removed at night and cleaned in warm water.
  • Fixed Partial Dentures:These dentures help replace some missing teeth in a row with two dental implants. They are not removable and are permanently fixed in the mouth. It is stronger than the removable artificial teeth and gives consistent tooth positioning and better bite. The oral structure of the mouth is also protected. These dentures make use of the existing teeth as abutments.
  • Implant-Supported Dentures: In this type of denture, if you have lost all your teeth, a dental implant will serve as an artificial tooth root. Then a crown or an entire bridge can be securely supported over the implant. The implants give a solid foundation if you have enough jawbones to allow for the implant surgery. These types of dentures are strong and stable and will last longer as compared to the other dentures.
  • Snap-in Dentures:These are highly effective dentures in terms of stability though they are removable. They are held in place with the help of existing teeth or implants.

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